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Re: X11 Mac OS X 10.3 emacs fink: only terminal?

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: X11 Mac OS X 10.3 emacs fink: only terminal?
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:10:52 -0600

   Joe Corneli <address@hidden> writes:

   > If you don't dig it, I'm not going to get upset.  You work however
   > you want to work, I'm not trying to stop you or insult you or
   > convert you or tell you what works for you when I haven't really got
   > a clue or anything of the sort.  The point I was making is that on
   > GNU lists, it is forbidden to recommend nonfree software.

   Forbidden?  I'd rather say "inappropriate".

Stallman does say "please", so I guess I should have said
"undesireable" and maybe even "disrespectful."  "Inappropriate" works.
And don't forget "punishable by Stallman's ire."


 Please don`t use GNU newsgroups to recommend proprietary software,
 regardless of what it is for.  In particular, don`t send messages to
 this list/group praising proprietary speech programs.  It`s bad enough
 that some people do use them; please avoid encouraging more to do so.



 A few months ago, I found out that Knoppix included some non-free
 software, and the developer said he didn't want to change that.

 If he has changed his policies in the meantime, please tell me; that
 would be good news.  But otherwise, please do not recommend the use of
 Knoppix on GNU mailing lists.  Please recommend only entirely free

 (I am not on the help-gnu-emacs list; someone forwarded me a couple of
 messages on this thread.)

   However, Carbon Emacs is just as free as X11 Emacs, and it would be
   stupid not to be able to talk about it on this group.  This does
   not constitute a recommendation for nonfree software in any way
   that I can see.  Sure, Carbon itself is nonfree, but we are not
   promoting it merely by talking about Carbon Emacs, are we?

I'm not really sure.

I don't think I would have had any particular objection to "If you
only have the goal of using Emacs outside of the terminal, and you
don't mind missing out on the programs and features that you could use
under X11, you could just install the Carbon version."  Pretty
different from the ringing endorsement of Carbon/Aqua that we heard.

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