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Re: Problems using psgml with emacs

From: Harald Joerg
Subject: Re: Problems using psgml with emacs
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:36:39 +0100
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Anders Gjendemsjø <address@hidden> writes:

> On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Harald Joerg wrote:
>> Anders Gjendemsjø writes:
>> > Typing C-c C-c in emacs gives me:
>> > (running Windows XP)
>> >
>> > "Opening input file: permission denied c:/sgml"
>> >
>> > Any tip`?
>> I guess you're talking about sgml-show-context?
> Yes.
>> Does c:/sgml exist?  If yes: Is it a file or a directory?
> Does exist, it is a directory containing a SGML Open style entity catalog
> file + a subdirectory called dtd containg directories with dtd files.
>> What's your doctype declaration?
> <!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//CNX//DTD CNXML 0.5//EN"
> "";>
>> What does C-h v sgml-catalog-files say?
> sgml-catalog-files's value is ("c:/SGML")
> Documentation:> *List of catalog entry files. The files are in the format
> defined in the SGML Open Draft Technical Resolution on Entity Management.
> Defined in `psgml'.

So here's the culprit.

sgml-catalog-files is supposed to contain a list of catalog files and
not a directory.

>> Do you have an environment variable SGML_CATALOG_FILES?
> Yes. SGML_CATALOG_FILES is set to: c:\SGML

Set it to the file name of your SGML catalog.  sgml-catalog-files is
initialized from this value.

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