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Re: vc-annotate not displaying all lines

From: Steinar Bang
Subject: Re: vc-annotate not displaying all lines
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:57:27 +0100
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>>>>> Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>:

> It's a bad interaction between libc, OpenSSH, and CVS.
> Please send a bug report about it to OpenSSH.
> Include this script in your bug-report so they know to which problem
> it is referring to.  We need to send enough bug-report to convince
> them to fix it (it is not exactly a bug, but it makes it difficult
> for other programs like Unison, rsync, cvs, to work reliably when
> the use ssh).

Here's my bug report:

There has already been two followups to it.  According to the first
followup, there is a workaround to this problem in CVS 1.11.18 and
1.12.10.  Of course that doesn't help other utils like eg. rsync.

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