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From: Swami Tota Ram Shankar
Date: 2 Dec 2004 15:00:12 -0800


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Why does every race have to bear the cost of cultural misunderstanding
and racism by the anglo-yankee white bastard ?

Indians (Natives) paid with their own genocide.
Blacks paid with slavery and getting flogged, raped, lynched and so
Hmong and Hindus and Sikhs paying with the daily racism.
Chinese, Vietnamese and many others paying with discrimination.

Why race talk is taboo???!!! To suppress discussion of anglo-saxon
which cannot be discussed in any other way other than in these words.

In India we have polygamy. Hindu Kings had many wives. Sikh Maharajas
had many wives. Ordinary people had multiple wives. This is Indian

If the anglo-saxon cannot tolerate more than one wife let him have
We all know half of anglos are bastards. Their king charles cheated
on his wife diana. And diana had abortion. Newt Gingrich cheated.
Their church is fuck of child molesters. 

Apply this monogamy law to anglo, not to others.

This six person murder is from cultural misunderstanding, and wide
prevalent racism. Let the anglo race bear its price.

Furthermore, George Bush and white strategy of appointing crooked,
corrupt, puppet minorities to high offices will be interpreted as
racism and not the contrary. Condoleeza rice is not black - in her
outlook or the circle she associates in. If any is black, it is Jesse

        Posted on Wed, Dec. 01, 2004

Some minority hunters face racial confrontations in woods


Knight Ridder Newspapers

DETROIT - (KRT) - Last week's column about the six hunters killed in
Wisconsin brought a lot of e-mails and telephone calls from black
hunters in Michigan. A Hmong immigrant was charged with the shootings,
and the black hunters didn't condone them. But they said they had been
subjected to the same racist slurs and threats that might have
triggered the Asian man's rampage.

I don't doubt those stories because I have been with white hunters who
made racist comments when we saw black hunters in the fields. What
really amazes me is how white hunters born and raised in northern
Michigan, where they grew up with almost no contact with black people,
are often as racist as any Ku Klux Klan member born and raised in the
black belts of Mississippi or Alabama.

It was interesting that most of the black callers thought I was
automatically accepting the word of the surviving white hunters, who
said there was no reason for the killings and denied that anyone on
their side made any racial slurs. The truth is I have no idea what
happened other than what I've learned by reading the accounts of the
incident and talking to people who probably don't know much more than
I do.

And while I don't want to seem like a bleeding-heart liberal apologist
for bad acts by the racially oppressed, I have learned enough about
Hmong-white relations across this country in the last week that I
would give 6-1 that one of the white hunters did say something nasty,
and this time he said it to the wrong guy.

Chai Vang, the 36-year-old Laotian immigrant charged with killing six
people and wounding two more in what began as a trespassing dispute,
comes from a culture with a long tradition of hunting but no tradition
of game laws, bag limits and formal hunting seasons as they are
understood by Americans.

That lack of understanding has created resentment among some hunters,
who say the Asians are notorious poachers and game violators and often
trash rural areas with litter and garbage. Chai Vang once was ticketed
by a Minnesota game warden for a fishing violation, taking 93 crappies
above the legal limit.

The Hmong are here because they were armed and trained by us to fight
on the American side during the Vietnam War. They have a long
tradition as fighters and their courage was legendary, and sometimes
so was their savagery. When we decided to bug out, so did many of the

Police in Wisconsin said Vang admitted the shootings, but they still
don't understand why he climbed down from the tree stand where he was
trespassing, methodically removed the telescopic sight from his SKS
rifle and shot at the other hunters until the 20-shot clip was empty.

Several black hunters in Michigan said the police need look no further
than the racist epithets that Vang said the white hunters unleashed on
him when they found him on their land. He also claimed that the white
hunters were the first to fire a shot at him, something the two
survivors denied.

It might turn out that Vang was an isolated nutcase. With more than
186,000 Hmong in the U.S., as of the 2000 census, and about 40,000 of
them in Wisconsin and Minnesota, there is as much potential for
violence perpetuated by a few deranged or evil people among the Hmong
as among any other group. But the more I read about the tension
between the Hmong community and its white neighbors in Minnesota and
Wisconsin, the more I understand the feelings of the black hunters who

Several of the black hunters said they had been in situations through
the years where white hunters leveled guns at them or even fired shots

"I was rabbit hunting with a black friend near Newaygo a few years ago
when we met a group of six white guys who were rabbit hunting, too,"
said one black man, who, like the others, asked that his name not be
used. "Three of them started on us right away, asking what we were
doing in their hunting place, and why didn't we stay in Detroit where
we belonged.

"The other three white guys didn't say anything, just stood there. One
of the loudmouths told us that we had better leave if we knew what was
good for us. We were on public land, and I was so mad I was about
ready to make a stand. But my friend is a lot cooler head, and he said
that it wasn't worth it and we should just go. So we left, and as we
walked back to the car, I could hear three loudmouths laughing and
calling us every nasty name you can think of and saying how we better
never come back if we knew what was good for us. I wasn't ready to go
kill them all because of what they said, but can you imagine how I

If white and black Americans still feel those tensions after living
side-by-side for nearly 400 years, how do we adjust to a people as
exotic as the Hmong?

One problem is that many Third World people have such a tough time
surviving day-to-day that they haven't had the luxury of developing a
strong conservation ethic. A few years ago in San Francisco,
police found Hmong with handmade bows and arrows hunting squirrels,
marmots and other furry critters year-round in Golden Gate Park. When
they were ticketed, the Hmong couldn't understand why anyone would
deny them such a bounty.

Though there is real and sometimes justified resentment from white
hunters for what they see as unethical hunting practices by the Hmong,
you only need to talk to a Wisconsin or Minnesota hunter for a few
minutes before the criticisms change from hunting activities to social
issues like polygamy and marrying girls at 13 and 14, practices many
whites think are common among the Asian immigrants.

And you only need to talk to black hunters in Michigan for the same
amount of time to hear stories about confrontations with whites that
had the same potential for violence that we saw in Wisconsin. This one
should be a lesson to every hunter.

 2004, Detroit Free Press.

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