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Re: time-stamp problem

From: Sebastian Luque
Subject: Re: time-stamp problem
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:16:13 GMT
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Hi Kevin,

Kevin Rodgers wrote:

> ,----[ C-h v time-stamp-time-zone RET ]
> | time-stamp-time-zone's value is nil
> |
> | Documentation:
> | If non-nil, a string naming the timezone to be used by M-x time-stamp.
> | Format is the same as that used by the environment variable TZ on your
> system.
> |
> | You can customize this variable.
> |
> | Defined in `time-stamp'.

I forgot to mention that I did set this to my local timezone ("CST", Central
Standard Time, -0600). FWIW, working with html-helper-mode, my html files get
time-stamped correctly. So both time-stamp and html-helper-mode write the
correct timezone string (CST), but time-stamp ignores the offset completely,
so it's showing GMT time (i.e. local CST time + 0600). Very strange. What can
be going on?

Best wishes,

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