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Re: build-and-save-all

From: Rodrigo Canellas
Subject: Re: build-and-save-all
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 18:20:11 -0200
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Well, I know that the name of file is 'makefile', so I understand is the name 
of the buffer. I believe there is a function in 'emacs' that returns a list 
of the name of the buffers, and I hope there is another one that returns a 
reference to a buffer given its name, and finally another one that makes a 
buffer the current one, given a reference to it.

As you see, I only have hopes, but I am not sure of none of them. I must add 
that I never wrote a single line of code in Lisp. Yes, I gave myself a big 
trouble. 8)

Em Quinta 02 Dezembro 2004 15:58, Kevin Rodgers escreveu:
> Rodrigo Canellas wrote:
> > I would like to create a function that would save all the buffers and
> > then build the project being edited.
> >
> > If I got it tight, in order to run 'make' the cursor must be in the
> > buffer of the 'makefile', or at least in a buffer of a file saved in the
> > same directory of the 'makefile'. So, before calling 'make', this
> > function must first set the 'makefile' buffer as the current buffer.
> Right.  So how do you know where the Makefile is, and what it is called?
> Once that's established, it should be simple to implement in Emacs Lisp.

Rodrigo Canellas
Engenheiro de Sistemas de Informação

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