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Re: Question on Mule and Makor2, font display vs char input?

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: Question on Mule and Makor2, font display vs char input?
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 12:10:41 -0600

   > I think the way the encoding issue is supposed to be solved here is
   > for the file not to be utf-8, but instead just plain-text-unix, and

   UTF-8 *is* plain text.

What I meant is that the file would contain "\lambda" whereas the
buffer would appear to contain a single lambda character (does this
look right on your screen? "λ").

   > the buffer was made to look like it was in utf-8.  If I understand
   > X-Symbol right, Hebrew characters would be handled the same way as
   > math characters are handled by X-Symbol...

   This part of my reply was unrelated to X-Symbol.  X-Symbol is not an
   answer for Hebrew text.

It appeared to me that the X-Symbol-like setup we were talking about
would accomplish exactly what the OP & me are after.

   >    There's X-Symbol which does just that (tho in a different way).

   > But I ran into trouble trying to build X-Symbol; it seems to have been
   > written with XEmacs in mind.

   It was originally written for XEmacs.  It's been ported to Emacs, tho.
   Maybe you should try and figure out why you couldn't get it to work.

I didn't say I couldn't get it to work, just that I had trouble
getting it to build ;).  I didn't actually try to make it work.
Perhaps I tried to build some unneeded files that haven't been ported.
The README does say that the build process for Emacs should be
improved, and I'd agree.

   > So it occured to me that maybe there was a relatively straightforward way
   > to do the same thing using Quail.

   Maybe it can be done easly, but AFAIK nobody's done it.

Well, it would be easy enough to do if there was a function to
simulate a keypress/keysequence.  One way could be to write a function
that builds a throw-away keyboard macro based on a string, for
example, I assume that would work & that I could figure out how to do
it - but I had expected that there would be a standard way to simulate
a keypress. (Maybe keyboard macros are the standard way.)

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