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Want to highlight function calls in c-mode

From: John
Subject: Want to highlight function calls in c-mode
Date: 24 Jun 2004 09:41:00 -0700

I am faced with a very hairy program and would greatly benefit from
having the actual function calls highlighted.  I have not been able to
figure out how to do this however, nor have I located any mention of
anything that already does this.

Please help if you can.

Thanks All,
John Fierke

w o r k  AT-SIGN myLastName DOTT COMM

PS - I relocated this to the bottom.  I figured I shouldn't open with
it, but I still wanted to vent :

"OK...Google's interface ticks me off.  I had a message all typed but
I chose to click their "Posing Style Guide" before I sent it -- POOF! 
It completely Toasted everything I typed.  They could at least warn me
or open the stupid thing in a different window.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

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