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Re: Using the `Win' key as `Ctrl' in Emacs?

From: Rob Walker
Subject: Re: Using the `Win' key as `Ctrl' in Emacs?
Date: 18 Jun 2004 01:05:27 -0700

> You are right.  It's [?\s-c].  But I want to re-map all right
> control to right win key.  Because I used to pressing right
> control whenever I want to press M-C-f, which I use my right hand
> to press M-C and my left hand press f.
> It seems that this
> (define-key key-translation-map [?\s] [?\C])
> is useless in such a case.  And I can't find anything better to
> solve my problem.
> Or should I used to using one caps lock key to do every job
> including keybindings with control?
> Thanks,
> Sincerely

You need to add a translation for every key combination you want to
use, so for M-C-f, you need:
(define-key key-translation-map [(super meta ?f)] [(control meta ?f)])

If you need a lot of these then you might be better using xmodmap


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