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Re: using special-display-regexps

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: using special-display-regexps
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:44:21 GMT
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Mathias Dahl <address@hidden> writes:

>Aaaaaah! Yes, that did the trick! Is this just a problem with me
>or could the documentation be more clear on this subject? I have
>fiddles with frame parameters from time to time and then I had
>always needed to enclose them in their own list. This is the
>reason I thought I had to do the same now.

> >  An element of the list can be a list instead of just a string.
> >  There are two ways to use a list as an element:

Whether or not the docs could be more clear is a matter of debate, but
I think they're consistent; if the frame parameters in this context
were meant to be enclosed in their own list, the above would probably
show some extra parens:

That said, if you were to re-write this variable documentation in a
way that's clearer to you, and submit it as an emacs docs bug, someone
with greater authority could decide whether or not to incorporate it.

Mike Slass

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