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Re: Can GNUS inform me when I have unread news?

From: Marcus Frings
Subject: Re: Can GNUS inform me when I have unread news?
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:07:52 +0200
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* address@hidden (Steinar Børmer) wrote:
> Marcus Frings wrote:
> | * address@hidden (Steinar Børmer) wrote:
> | 
> | > (setq gnus-use-demon t)                 ; Use some daemonic routines
> | 
> | Does not exist.

> It seems you're right.  This has probably been yanked from someone's
> .gnus years ago.  =)

Yes, I ran into the same mistake when I published the recipe on MGO
because it contains code which is not necessary.

> | > (gnus-demon-add-handler                 ; Scan for mail in the background
> | >  'gnus-demon-scan-mail-ps 5 1)
> | > (gnus-demon-add-handler                 ; Scan for news in the background
> | >  'gnus-demon-scan-news 5 1)
> | 
> | <>

> Well, gnus-demon-scan-mail-ps and gnus-demon-scan-news are defined in

No, gnus-demon-scan-mail-ps doesn't exist in gnus-demon.el either, at
least in my file.

> gnus-demon.el.  Is there something wrong with them?  I haven't had
> time to look them through, but it works for me.

I think the _only_ code you need to add to the your personal
configuration is

(gnus-demon-add-handler 'gnus-demon-scan-news 5 10)

because this one makes Gnus periodically check mails _and_ news.

I will delete the recipe 302 on MGO today.

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