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Re: Changing key bindings of printable chars

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: Changing key bindings of printable chars
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:34:32 -0700
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"Paul Batt" <address@hidden> writes:

>How can I change the key binding of a single printable character key to
>another? I need to have "z" and "Z" print "y" and "Y" and vice versa and I
>need to have RET do a double-return e.g. two line feeds instead of only one.
>(I found many peaces of instruction how to change key bindings of double
>key-strokes like C-x but can't just figure out how to do it for a single
>printable character key). Thank you.
for Y,y,Z, and z ...
(local-set-key "Y" (lambda () (interactive) (insert "Z")))
... and so on

for return
(local-set-key "\C-m" (lambda () (interactive) (newline 2)))

I'm almost afraid to ask why you want this, but not quite.  Why do you
want this?
Mike Slass

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