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Re: htmlize from shell

From: Lowell Kirsh
Subject: Re: htmlize from shell
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:53:43 -0700
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Thanks, we're almost there... I'm still having problems. emacs doesn't seem to recognize htmlize. I have a line to load it in my .emacs file but maybe that's not getting loaded? Also, when I try :

emacs --batch --eval "(progn(load \"~/emacs/addons/htmlize\")(htmlize-file \"emacs.el\"))"

this doesn't work either. What am I missing?


Kevin Rodgers wrote:
Lowell Kirsh wrote:
 > I would like to convert several files to html using the htmlize package.
 > How can I do this from my shell rather than from withing emacs? (I want
 > to script it)

I would try this:

for file in *; do
  emacs --batch --eval "(htmlize-file \"$file\")"

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