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Re: Catalog of Emacs (Lisp) functions?

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: Catalog of Emacs (Lisp) functions?
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:35:44 +0200
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bill <address@hidden> writes:

> Where can I get a comprehensive catalog of all the "standard" Emacs
> functions (such as goto-char or save-excursion or car) and global
> variables?  I know that I can always give the regexp '.' to apropos,
> but this just gets me a huge list of identifiers in alphabetical
> order, which is not very useful.  What I want is the same
> identifiers as (apropos ".") would report, but grouped according to
> function (e.g. point movement, file management, etc.).  Does such a
> catalog exist?

You know about the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, right?  If you go to
the index node, and sort by the second column you should get
something close to what you're looking for, e.g.

* abbrev-all-caps:                       Abbrev Expansion.
* abbrev-expansion:                      Abbrev Expansion.
* abbrev-prefix-mark:                    Abbrev Expansion.
* abbrev-start-location:                 Abbrev Expansion.
* yes-or-no-p:                           Yes-or-No Queries.
* yes-or-no questions:                   Yes-or-No Queries.
* y-or-n-p-with-timeout:                 Yes-or-No Queries.
* y-or-n-p:                              Yes-or-No Queries.

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