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Gnuserv and Gnuclient on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server

From: Ralf Breit
Subject: Gnuserv and Gnuclient on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:00:35 +0200


I have a problem running Gnuserv and Gnuclient on a Windows Terminal Server.
I have installed Gnu Emacs on a 4 processor machine. Emacs-version:

The 4 Intel CPU machine hosts a Windows 2000 Server Installation. It was
to be used by 3 to 4 people of our workgroup. We access the machine using
Terminal Server 2000. That means, that at the same time max. 4 people are
on the same machine.

I start Editing using "gnuclientw.exe." This process will read the .emacs
and do a few things. The code snippet below shows how I deal with the
server/client start.

(load "gnuserv") ; required to execute next command line
(if server-process "nil" (server-start)) ; start server only if not yet done

The problem is that if User(A) sitting in front of Desktop(A) has started
File(A), than the server process and one client process starts at the

If now User(B) sitting in front of Desktop(B) wants to edit File(B) the
initiated by "gnuclientw.exe" recognizes through the ".emacs" file that the
is already running and to my surprise displays File(B) in front of User(A)
sitting at
Desktop(A). It seems that the client process does not know where to display
the file

Can you tell me what I should do to send the right client output to the
correct user. Would I have to start more than one gnuserver process.

Thanks for the help.

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