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Re: Making Windows key meta

From: Alex Viskovatoff
Subject: Re: Making Windows key meta
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:30 -0000
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On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 12:18:41 -0400, Alex Viskovatoff wrote:

> does anyone know a reasonably easy way to make Emacs
> behave in a straightforward way, that is, to interpret keyboard events
> from X with the Windows key down as just having the meta bit set, as
> opposed to having the hyper, meta, and super bits set?
> Any clarification will be much appreciated.

I got a reply by email explaining what the problem was. It turns out that
xev was not giving a complete picture of what was happening. For the
record, here is the solution that was sent to me:

I had the same problem after installation of xorg-x11 6.7. In my
case it was due to mapping Meta keys as Mod4 in 

  partial modifier_keys 
  xkb_symbols "meta_win" {
      key <LALT> {        [       Alt_L,  Alt_L           ]       };
      key <RALT> {        [       Alt_R,  Alt_R           ]       };
      key <LWIN> {        [       Meta_L                  ]       };
      key <RWIN> {        [       Meta_R                  ]       };
      modifier_map Mod1   { Alt_L, Alt_R };
      modifier_map Mod4 { <META>, Meta_L, Meta_R };

If you don't need the Meta keys to act as Mod4, commenting out the
"modifier_map Mod4" line should help.  

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