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USB KVM switch that does not eat control characters

From: Jeffrey C Honig
Subject: USB KVM switch that does not eat control characters
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:07:07 -0400
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I've been using a Belkin 2-port USB KVM switch for a while to switch
between a couple PCs.  I'm actually only using the keyboard/mouse
switching and using x2vnc to control two monitors.

I have serveral problems with this KVM switch that impact emacs most
of all, so I thought I would ask here first.

First, the meta keys (ctl, alt) appear to time out, if I hold down the
control key I am eventually typing normal characters.  Also, F7 is
interpreted as a hot key and not passed.

These problems were apparently fixed by a firmware upgrade.  The
problem is that after this firmware upgrade, two presses on the
control key within two seconds are now the hot key sequence.  Even if
I hit other characters than control in between (so ^X4^U will be
interpreted as a hot key sequence).

Anyone have experience with a USB KVM that doesn't interfere with
control characters?



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