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different buffers on same file?

From: kj
Subject: different buffers on same file?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:43 -0000
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Is there any way to have more than one buffer visiting the same
file?  I tried renaming a buffer and "find-file"-ing the same file
again, but Emacs did not create a new buffer; it just re-used the
original buffer despite the name change.

My immediate need for this is that I'm trying to read a huge (0.5
MB) source code file, 95% of which consists of the first leg of a
single if statement (horrible programming, I know), and it would
be very useful if I could simultaneously have several
buffers/windows/frames that were narrowed (C-x n n) to various
sections of this file.  Since narrowing is a per-buffer property,
I need to have several buffers opened on the same file if I want
to do this.



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