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Re: Time to throw away my LOVE - Emacs ?

From: Barak Zalstein
Subject: Re: Time to throw away my LOVE - Emacs ?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:22 -0000
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Alan Mackenzie wrote:

I think you're not making enough distinction between Emacs (as an editor)
and the GNU toolchain (make, etc.).  I also wouldn't expect using the
G.T. alongside of MS VS to work well (though I'd love to hear from
somebody with experience to the contrary ;-).  But using Emacs (the
editor) in an MS VS project should work without too much problem.

Using Emacs as an editor and MS VS as build/test is practically what I do now (gdb-mode cannot handle MS VS executables. The MS VS watch window is nice, but I sure miss breakpoint scripts and yanking variable and function names from other buffers while debugging).
Since build/test needs to interact with edit (jumping to error, visiting
the file location where a bug is found) efforts such as VisEmacs
try to address this gap.
Adding source control to the picture, namely Visual Source Safe complicates matters even more: The VSS approach is that once you try editing a non-checked-out file in MS VS, you will need to enter a check-out comment before it changes from read-only to writable.
In order to workaround this in Emacs (the editor) you will either
need to check-out the entire repository beforehand (the CVS
approach) or perform file specific check-out using the command line version of VSS (until they will cancel that feature as well) through Emacs, and repeat for each file you visit and want to modify.
In short you can do all sorts of things in order to keep Emacs as the
editor of your choice, but the gain in productivity is questionable (you setup may not work with the next MS VS).


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