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What's the state of the art for mail?

From: kj
Subject: What's the state of the art for mail?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:17 -0000
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After all these years good ol' RMAIL's limitations are *finally*
getting to me.  I've stuck with it mostly out of inertia, and
because it works well with Emacs.

My main concerns are to be able to use Emacs (or a faithful Emacs-like
interface) to read my mail on Linux, to have no problems with MIME
attachments, and no BABYL!  (Availability of a Debian package is
always a plus.)

Thanks for your suggestions!


PS: I'm a bit leery about MH, mostly because a friend of mine who
has used exmh for almost 10 years tells me that its MIME handling
is a little bit long in the tooth.  In particular, she noted that
one needs to jump through hoops to make the quoting of messages
that have MIME attachments work right.
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