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Graying out the code in "#if 0/#endif" brace?

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: Graying out the code in "#if 0/#endif" brace?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 03:19:28 +0200

>>>>> "ZP" == Zhou Ping <address@hidden> writes:

ZP> Hello all,
ZP> I noticed that vim can use different color on the code enclosed in an "#if
ZP> 0/#endif" directive brace. This is very useful for code editing or reading.
ZP> I wonder if emacs has this kind of feature? If so, how can I add/enable it?
ZP> Thanks.

I don't think emacs has this but it's possible to add it, even if I have
some trouble doing something like in another mode I mantain.

The trick is to define #if[ ^I]+0 as a syntactic keyword and write a piece
of code that skips everithyng up to the #endif...

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