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Use of Emacs name in a scientific publication

From: Sam Griffiths-Jones
Subject: Use of Emacs name in a scientific publication
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:00:32 +0100 (BST)


I have a slightly odd request for info.  I may well be directing this
request to the wrong place, so please feel free to tell me where to

I have written an Emacs major mode to help with a specific
biological/bioinformatics problem, naming editing multiple sequence
alignments of RNA molecules.  I want to write a short slightly wacky
"Application Note" for a scientific journal, such as Bioinformatics,
describing this tool.  The tool is tentatively called RALEE, for RNA
ALignment Editor in Emacs, and will be freely available to all under
the GPL.  Can anyone tell me if there are any problems with my using
the name "Emacs" in the title and text of a published scientific work
like this? will of
course be referenced in the text.



Sam Griffiths-Jones                              address@hidden                +44 (0)1223 834244

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