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Re: Differencing a major mode from its derived modes

From: chem
Subject: Re: Differencing a major mode from its derived modes
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 11:36:38 +0200
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> message-mode runs message-mode-hook and then text-mode-hook.
> text-mode runs text-mode-hook only.
> So you could toggle allout mode from both hooks.  This would turn it
> on, then off again, in message-mode, which is what you want.

I did it already, but there are a lot of modes deriving from text mode,
and I don't want to modify them all.  That's why I wanted a general
way to specify that a particular hook should only apply to the parent
mode, and not to its children.

PS: I try hard to make gnus and message use the MFT header (I post
from the mailing list), I hope I achieve it.  If not, I'm sorry, and
will try harder.  A typo in my emacs.el hinders me from replying

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