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Re: Problem finding multiple tags with same tagname

From: Andrew Shepard
Subject: Re: Problem finding multiple tags with same tagname
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 17:57:08 -0700
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Solution found:

After reading the online Emacs manual it became apparent that the "Learning GNU Emacs" book is in error. The "correct" way to find successive tags is to use the following:

C-u M-.

Andy ...

Andrew Shepard wrote:

I'm searching for tags in a TAGS file created by etags. However, I'm unable to look for more than one tag with the same name when I follow
instructions given in the book "Learning GNU Emacs"

Here's an example where I'm looking for multiple instances of the function Play():

(I am correctly taken to the first instance of the Play() function)


Message returned by Emacs is: 'No M-x tags-search or M-x tags-query-replace in progress'

Note that if I do a ESC-x tags-search on a tagname and follow with ESC-, emacs takes me to all the instances of the tagname. It looks like the book I have might have an error in it. However, if this is the case how do I find multiple instances of tags after using the ESC-. command?

Thanks in advance.

Andy ...

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