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ClientTell Update - amazing marketing tools

From: ClientTell
Subject: ClientTell Update - amazing marketing tools
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 11:51:59 +1300


December 30th, 2003  

Sorry for the long delay in keeping you up-to-date
with new marketing tools.

I Trust you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward
to a wonderful New Year.

To start your New Year off I thought I would mention a
Viral Marketing tool which is AMAZING. It will help you
generate more sales from your website along with 
tens of thousands of extra visitors.

If you are a ClickBank affiliate, it is a must have!
If you are not then you'd better hurry and sign up!

This is an "OUTSTANDING" new tool - and it's free.

I don't normally use exclamation marks and upper case,
so you can be sure this is something special. Probably
the best add-on ClickBank product there's ever been.

By adding just one line of code to your website you can
capture all the exit traffic and present leavers with a
search box to the ClickBank Marketplace - with all the
products embedded with your ClickBank affiliate code.
Which means commission for you on every sale.

And that line of code is provided for you by
SearchFeast - and it's free.

How come ?

Well, as with all the best viral marketing tools, there
is a standard (free) edition which itself can be very
profitable but also a professional (or in this case
Gold) edition which for a small charge will multiply
your profits.

The professional version places a link back to a featured
product or site of yours. This is placed alongside the
search box, which appears as a pop-under when a visitor
leaves a the site. 

You can change the content of that featured product at
will and the new version will appear instantly across
all the sites of those with the free version of

So you benefit in receiving the following:

- Commissions from ClickBank sales
- Viral traffic to your product or website
- Commisions from Gold paying members

When you choose the Free or Paid version you can't lose!

Signup for SearchFeast right now; you can have the
ClickBank Marketplace displayed to your site leavers in
a few minutes.

SearchFeast is at 

The ClientTell Team
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