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Re: Edit jsp with tag library

From: Martin Schwamberger
Subject: Re: Edit jsp with tag library
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 13:36:55 +0100

> I've configured Emacs to edit/read jsp using psgml+html-mode+multi-mode.
> For normal jsp files, it seems working fine (do a correct indentation
> for me). But when I edit/read jsp with tag library, the indentation
> simply broke. for example, a jsp file with taglib <html:errors> should
> indented as below,
>   <html>
>     <html:errors>
>     <body>
>       <h1> test </h1>
>     </body>
>   </html>
> but, psgml+html-mode+multi-mode wrongly think the <html:error> need a
> </html> or </html:errors> as closure. so it indent the above jsp this
> way,
>   <html>
>     <html:errors>
>       <body>
>         <h1> test </h1>
>       </body>
>     </html>
> this is not what I expected.
> Is there a way to fix it?

Try <html:errors/>

- Martin

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