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Re: emacs documentation for (La)TeX

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: emacs documentation for (La)TeX
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:44:59 -0600

> I don't see why a markup language, or any programming language, ought
> to "be on a par" with Emacs Lisp within Emacs itself.

OK, maybe not quite on a par -- how about the level of Jack (assuming
that ELisp and Emacs C collectively make up QKA)?  After all, TeX is
is the GNU text formatter (this is according to the Manifesto, though
the prase "the GNU text formatter" is not perhaps 100% kosher) and
Emacs is the GNU text editor (again, I'm not necessarily being
perfectly precise). 

Seems like they should go together hand in hand... or more like, hand
in glove -- since they already do go together hand in hand. Maybe I'm
thinking about how to acheive my goals here in the wrong way -- it
wouldn't be the first time. Nevertheless, I am finding in my work
that the boundaries between TeX and Lisp have blurred -- and I'm
liking it, I would like it if they blurred more.

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