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From: gebser
Subject: current-time-zone
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 18:59:31 -0500 (EST)

Should "M-x current-time-zone" return something?  Using emacs v.20.7.1
all get in the minibuffer is "[No match]".  However, "C-h f 
current-time-zone" shows:

current-time-zone is a built-in function.

Return the offset and name for the local time zone.
This returns a list of the form (OFFSET NAME).
OFFSET is an integer number of seconds ahead of UTC (east of Greenwich).
    A negative value means west of Greenwich.
NAME is a string giving the name of the time zone.
If an argument is given, it specifies when the time zone offset is 
instead of using the current time.  The argument should have the form:
  (HIGH . LOW)
or the form:
Thus, you can use times obtained from `current-time'
and from `file-attributes'.

Some operating systems cannot provide all this information to Emacs;
in this case, `current-time-zone' returns a list containing nil for
the data it can't find.

(current-time-zone &optional SPECIFIED-TIME)

I'm thinking that, for some reason, this function isn't getting the info 
it needs from the system... which is strange because I know that $TZ is 
set.  Bug?  Workaround?  What?


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