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Re: shading after column x

From: Alan Wehmann
Subject: Re: shading after column x
Date: 18 Dec 2003 22:56:19 -0600
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The following is from Toby Speight, posted 26 Jan 1999 in comp.emacs.
It may be of interest.

Kai has already mentioned vvb.el.  There was also a post that
mentioned wide-column.el.

David> Is there a package available in either GNU or Xemacs which will
David> help me know when I've "crossed the line".  I do display the
David> column number in my mode bar, but dont' always watch it.  I
David> need something like a vertical bar drawn at col 80 or other
David> visual notification when I've entered text beyond col 80.  I
David> don't want to _not_ be able to type past 80 cols, just to know
David> when I've done it.

When I wanted to do this in Message mode, I used font-lock to help
me.  I added this match to the end of font-lock-keywords for the mode:

(list (concat "^" (make-string 76 ?.) "\\(.+$\\)") '(1 warning-face

You'll want to change the 76 to 80, of course.  And you might perhaps
need to define/change the face, too.

Alan Wehmann

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