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Re: German keyboard key bindings?

From: Ulrich Neumerkel
Subject: Re: German keyboard key bindings?
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 19:46:29 GMT

Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> writes:
>address@hidden (Ulrich Neumerkel) writes:
>> What is needed is some way to refer portably in plain ascii to any
>> character in any other encoding.  I.e. something similar to kbd but
>> including character encoding.
>But a single kbd can only produce a single encoding, right?  Or am I
>overlooking something here?

I agree.  But a single .el should be useable on several keyboards!
The differences between them are minusucle.

>In principle, make-char can help, but it's not wysiwyg.  Hm.

What I currently have are various machines some have US-American keyboards,
some have German keyboards, some French.  I would like to have ONE .el for all
of them.  I cannot change all those labs to use this famous Emacs keyboard 8-).

As it does not hurt to have already so many key-bindings (M-x describe-bindings
to see that already virtually all kinds of inputs are defined) it would seem
to be benificial to have a clean and portable means to refer to all of them
in a single .el which is itself written in just the lowest common denominator
i.e. ASCII.  Certainly it would be equally nice to be able to define
not only keys but just any messages (i.e. strings) for various languages in the
very same file.

The current internationalisation effort seems to stop somewhere when it comes
to defining keys in a uniform manner.

Ulrich Neumerkel

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