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Re: HTML Helper

From: Thomas F. Burdick
Subject: Re: HTML Helper
Date: 16 Dec 2003 11:44:20 -0800

Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> writes:

> Tim McNamara <address@hidden> writes:
> > Obviously lacking sophistication with using Emacs and especially the
> > built-in documentation.
> Maybe you would like to order the Emacs manual from the FSF?  That
> way, you can read the real thing on paper, and help the FSF, too.
> And when you vaguely remember that you have read something on paper,
> you can use C-h i to look it up again because the book and the
> built-in documentation have the same content!

As a happy owner of the Emacs manual, I recommend this.  Having a real
book to leaf through made it simple to transition from lightweight
Emacs user to competant user.  I don't know when the last time I
picked it up was, but I'm glad I bought it.

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