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Re: emacs, umlauts, x-windows text mark and paste

From: erasurehead
Subject: Re: emacs, umlauts, x-windows text mark and paste
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 11:11:23 +0100
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Hello Harald and Sergei,

thanks for your replies.

I've tried setting LC_ALL to german, C, de_DE, address@hidden, and en_US.UTF-8 and then starting emacs. I can tell this makes a difference because the symbol in the lower lefthand corner of emacs which indicates the default encoding changes appropriately (e.g. -1 for de_DE (-> iso-8859-1), and -u for en_US.UTF-8) However pasting in the german text still makes garbage.

Also, i tried running C-x RET f (set-buffer-file-coding-system) on the garbarged buffer and tried many different encodings (which one should I choose?), but it never changes the text in the buffer *one whit*! I would expect it to junk the entire screen if I pick chinese-big5-unix, but it doesn't seem to care, the buffer still looks the same. I had already tried this many times after reading all the mule garbage in the manual, and have never been able to get emacs to redisplay some buffer in a different encoding.

very frustrated,

josh buhl

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