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NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 17 December 2003 Lisp NYC RoboTrader Special Intere

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 17 December 2003 Lisp NYC RoboTrader Special Interest Group: Russ McManus will present the Financial Information eXchange protocol
Date: 15 Dec 2003 13:38:40 -0500

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement"

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 Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 18:05:45 -0500
 From: Kenny Tilton <address@hidden>
 To: address@hidden
 Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
 Subject: [Lisp] [ANNC] Lisp NYC RoboTrader SIG Meeting #1, Wed, Dec 17

 Who: Russ McManus and The LispNYKs and others
 What: Introduction to the FIX Protocol:
 When: This coming Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 7:00pm
 Where: 171 West 73rd St, Apt 3 (btw Columbus & Amsterdam)
              aka Kenny's studio/office (take 1-2-3-9 to 72nd & Broadway)
 Why: Possible RoboTrader Project for Lisp-NYC (and others?)

 Deets: Russ has already started work on a FIX System using Lisp. He has
 suggested Lisp-NYC undertake a project to extend his work and develop it
 into a trading exchange simulator suitable for trading competitions
 between students of financial engineering, in which autonomous agents
 would execute trading strategies in competition with each other, much
 like RoboCup does with soccer.

 Russ has a good contact at a local university where he thinks such a
 project would be greeted with interest. (And I just remembered that a
 good friend is the retired chair of the NYU School of Economics
 (Finance?). Anyway...)

 A quick survey of Lisp-NYC members revealed sufficient (substantial,
 actually) interest to move to the next step, which will take place at
 the time and place shown above and consist first of Russ's presentation
 on FIX and his progress to date, followed by a discussion as to whether
 to proceed with a Lisp-NYC RoboTrader (working name) SIG to develop a
 trading exchange server suitable for student competitions.

 Initial investigation reveals that other such competitions are hosted by
 vendors of trading software, though at least one is run by a university
 on top of a vendor's system.

 A Lisp-NYC project would have the advantage of exposing students in the
 financial sector to Lisp, and will let Lisp-NYKs bone up on FIX and
 FIXML and enhance their resumes in ways attractive to the significant
 NYC financial tech employers. (See the "Help Wanted" section of the FIX
 site, URL above).

 Folks are welcome to drop by Wednesday at 7 to kick things around. RSVP
 if you can. And for those who cannot make it but are interested: drop me
 a line as well so we can assess the interest level.



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Jay Sulzberger <address@hidden>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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