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Lisp help: problem with uninterned symbols

From: Lars Brinkhoff
Subject: Lisp help: problem with uninterned symbols
Date: 12 Dec 2003 15:46:53 +0100
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I have a problem with symbols that aren't interned in any Emacs
obarray.  I intern the symbols in my own tables, but I would still
like to have the symbols as constants in my code, and have them
compare eq as usual.

Here is a simplified version of my code:

    ;;; file my-intern.el
    (defvar symbol-table nil)
    (defun my-intern (string)
      (let ((x (assoc string symbol-table)))
        (if x
            (cdr x)
            (let ((sym (make-symbol string)))
              (push (cons string sym) symbol-table)

Now, to include my-interned symbols as constants, I may use a macro or

  ;;; file foobar.el
  (defun foo () (eval-when-compile (my-intern "foo")))
  (defun bar () (eval-when-compile (my-intern "foo")))

If I load this file and call (eq (foo) (bar)), the result is t as I
like.  However, if I compile the file the result is:

  ;;; file foobar.elc
  (defalias 'foo #[nil "\300\207" [#1=#:foo] 1])
  (defalias 'bar #[nil "\300\207" [#1=#:foo] 1])

As you can see, there are two non-eq #:foo in the compiled code, so
(eq (foo) (bar)) will return nil.

If I trick the byte compiler into compiling the functions as one
top-level form, say like

  ;;; file foobar.el
  (let ()
    (defun foo () (eval-when-compile (my-intern "foo")))
    (defun bar () (eval-when-compile (my-intern "foo"))))

the result is:

  ;;; file foobar.elc
  (byte-code "\300\301M\210\302\303M\207"
             [foo #[nil "\300\207" [#1=#:foo] 1] bar #[nil "\300\207" [#1#] 1]]

Here, there's only one #:foo which is referenced a second time with
#1#.  Great, (eq (foo) (bar)) works again.  However, that trick
doesn't work if foo and bar are defined in two separate file.

Any idea how to solve this?

Lars Brinkhoff,         Services for Unix, Linux, GCC, HTTP
Brinkhoff Consulting

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