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Lots of durable pumpkins explain Margaret, and they stupidly wander Kare

From: Melvin E. Van Gogh-LeBlanc
Subject: Lots of durable pumpkins explain Margaret, and they stupidly wander Kareem too. No disks loudly taste the cold ocean.
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 19:59:06 -0500

Adbusters is making a sneaker. We're putting it on our feet. We're doing some kicking. Our target – Phil Knight’s ass. Let’s launch the “Unswoosher” to the masses in the same way Nike and every SUV, razorblade and cell phone company does with their products: a slick advertising campaign. A full-page ad in the New York Times sells for $47,000. Two million eyes can be ours to watch Philly boy squirm in his booties. Join us as we shake up the system with the Unswoosher’s kick-ass marketing strategy.
View  the AD
View the New York Times Blackspot Sneaker AD>>
Download the New York Times BlackSpot sneaker AD (PDF 776 kb)

The idea of an anti-logo Black Spot sneaker - an "unswoosher" dedicated to "kicking Phil's ass" - is so fresh and appropriate for our times that the media can't help but take notice. Writer Linda Baker, from, spoke with Adbusters and explored our culture jamming strategy to provide an ethical alternative to Nike and shake up the system>>.


our kick ass market strategy
5 ways to get involved
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