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Re: cygwin browse-url bug

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: cygwin browse-url bug
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 19:27:56 GMT
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
From: Bruce Ingalls <address@hidden>
On most systems, I can run emacs -q and eval the lines below,

Firebird does launch, but it does not load the URI as an argument.
Instead, the homepage comes up.

I'm guessing that Cygwin invokes the browser with a URL that is
munged by the file-name transformation stuff.

There are no file names to transform. MozillaFirebird.exe is in my PATH, and is invoked as

In fact, the browser does launch. It just doesn't load Google.
The syntax I gave works everywhere. It even works with the dillo browser, which is part of the cygnome distro.
BTW, browse-url does not support links, because 'lynx' is hard-coded.

Cygwin lynx works only with Cygwin-style paths, when a file:// URL is used.

Native w32 browsers launched from cygwin emacs shell work fine with w32 file:// paths, but not even http:// URIs work from browse-url.

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