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NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 10 December 2003 GNUbies: Bruce Ingalls will introd

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 10 December 2003 GNUbies: Bruce Ingalls will introduce Emacs and Jay Sulzberger will tell a Lisp story
Date: 8 Dec 2003 04:39:43 -0500

  what="official GNUbies announcement"
  edits="only some typos removed"
  personal-remarks-of-Jay-Sulzberger="One correction: I do not know Emacs well.

  But I will attempt to tell a story about Hilbert, lambda calculus, the
  first Lisp interpreter, and how Elisp is more like first interpreter Lisp
  than like lambda calculus.";>

(1) Gnubies meeting
 Wednesday December 10, 2003 Bruce Ingalls and Jay Sulzberger:
 Editing with Emacs

(2) Installfest:
 Sunday December 21st:


We are pleased to announce that we have two speakers for this month's
meeting jointly speaking on the the editor Emacs:

They are Bruce Ingalls, author of EMacro, a large .emacs to make Emacs
easier, and Jay Sulzberger, among many other things a Lisp whiz (Emacs
allows for amazing extensions using its version of Lisp.)  These two
speakers couldn't be more different in their speaking style and approach so
that alone should make this an interesting evening.

At an earlier date we had a presentation focusing on vi(m) and at that time
promised to eventually follow up with one on Emacs.  These are the two most
popular editors.  But, as you will hear, Emacs is far more than just an
editor, it is almost a world unto itself.  Also, Bruce pointed out in his
email accepting the invitation to speak that that "Emacs is the choice of
Richard M Stallman, Eric S Raymond, and Jay Sulzberger"

Bruce Ingalls teaches at a tech school, and has over 10 years of Linux
experience. He is also the author of which makes
Emacs easy. Even as a master of the ancient Scottish sport of Curling, NYC
Marathon runner, and 50K cross country ski racer, he has managed to stay 15
lbs overweight.

Jay Sulzberger is well known in the GNU/Linux community.  He is the
Secretary of LXNY, a mathematician, a Lisp whiz and a valuable advocate of
Free Software among other things.

As always, we are grateful to IBM for their generous donation of space for
this meeting.  Please see below for IBM's security measures for being
admitted to the building or the meeting:

Wednesday December 10, 2003
        6:30 pm         General Questions and Answers
        7:00 pm         Editing with Emacs
                        a presentation by
                        Bruce Ingalls AND Jay Sulzberger
At the IBM building
        The IBM building, 590 Madison Ave.
        (57th Street and Madison Avenue)
As always, our meetings are free and open to the public.  And as always
the most up-to-date information can be found at our website at    or
Security Procedures:
To attend the meeting you need to bring a photo ID and provide us with
your full name (as it appears in the photo ID) in advance.  You can use
the mailto on the web page at, reply to this email
if you received it directly, or send email to address@hidden with
the Subject of December 2003 Gnubies Meeting and with your name in the


Our next installfest will be the Sunday before Xmas.

Sunday, December 21st, 2003

from 11:00am to 4:00pm

at 16 Beaver Street 4th floor
in the Financial District between Broadway & Broad
Subway: 4,5 Bowling Green N,R Whitehall 2,3 Wall Street J,M Broad Street
1,9 South Ferry

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and installfests.


Distributed poC TINC:

Jay Sulzberger <address@hidden>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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