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RE: repeat-complex-command on current marked region

From: andrew . maguire
Subject: RE: repeat-complex-command on current marked region
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 11:13:50 -0500

> If I use C-x ESC ESC to repeat a command, the previously marked region
> shows up as an argument.  For example:
> (replace-string "foo" "bar" nil 675 779)
> What if I want to repeat the replacement on the current highlighted
> region, rather than from 675 to 779?
> This used to work as desired in emacs 20.x,
> but it somehow changed in
> 21.x.

At Emacs 20, replace-string only took three args, i.e. it did not optionally
restrict replacements to a region.

At Emacs 21, two optional args were added to provide this region capability.
Since these are optional just edit the command perhaps to:
        (replace-string "foo" "bar" nil (point) (mark))
if you want to do it on a different region.

Or, don't forget that you can use M-p and M-n in the replace-string
interactive prompt to retrieve
previously entered strings.

Or, use narrow to region first.


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