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Re: [OT] inundated by Swen / Gibe emails

From: Adam Hardy
Subject: Re: [OT] inundated by Swen / Gibe emails
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:41:40 +0200
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OK, so I see two solutions to this:

(1) start filtering - which I don't like since it will still download them and at 125kB a time, that's a waste of bandwidth, and I don't really want to get involved with one of those pop3-cleaner-filters.

(2) somehow find a way of disguising my email address on the newsgroup without stopping the listserver from mailing me the traffic.

Any suggestions as to how to do 2 would be great.

Also I'd appreciate confirmation from a couple more people that they are getting this virus traffic due to the newsgroup.


On 09/24/2003 10:25 AM Rob Thorpe wrote:
I am wondering why, because I thought I could just delete this email address and subscribe on another one, it's just this list that I use the address for. But will it help? Any ideas?

If I don't reply again, it's because I missed the mail amongst all the Swen crap.

It might help a bit.  I'm getting swen/gibe emails at the rate of
about 300/200 per day.  I can only assume that this is because lots of
the spammers who've found my address on usenet have caught it.

Does anyone know more?
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