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VGA (and standard) font is thin in emacs 21.2

From: Erik Red
Subject: VGA (and standard) font is thin in emacs 21.2
Date: 22 Sep 2003 20:09:12 -0700

The previous posting below describes exactly the problem I'm having,
but regrettably there were no solution posted to this problem.

I would like to ask again if anyone know how to fix this problem.

Please post AND email if possible --

From: Martin Cracauer (address@hidden)
Subject: Fonts automatically thinned in emacs-21?
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Date: 2002-08-19 16:50:33 PST


problem with emacs-21.2:

I like to use the "vga" font on X11, which works fine on previous
versions of emacs.  This font is made of pretty thick lines.

Emacs-21.2 seems to automatically thin these lines.  It takes the
geometry of the "vga" font just fine, but not the layout of the
characters.  It seems to me that this is an emacs-21.2 feature I don't
want but I can't figure out how to turn it off.

I put screenshots here:
what I want:
what I get:

Please note that I am sure the actual loading of the font succeeded.
emacs-21.2 changed th size of the font (and hence the window) just
and it arrives at the new font geometry as specified in the "vga"
font, switching away fromt he previously loaded font.  But the new
ont is thinned.

isp is code is simply (set-frame-font "vga")

Let me guess: I need to define a fontset and load the supposely thick
font into the slot of the normal one?


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