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Re: switching from emacs to xemacs

From: Orm Finnendahl
Subject: Re: switching from emacs to xemacs
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:10:56 +0200
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Am 16. September 2003, 17:45 Uhr (+0100) schrieb Glyn Millington:
> Glyn Millington <address@hidden> writes:
> > Emacs*menubar*fontList:  etc 
> Sorry  -  I should have added that, as you'll discover in the docs, it is
> a mistake to mix Emacs* and Xemacs* resources - If Xemavs discovers the
> Xemacs* resources it will ignore the others.

thanx for your help, Glyn. All tries didn't get me anywhere. I tried
another 10 or so combinations (with fontList, FontList, Fontlist,
FONTLIST, Xemacs, XEmacs, Emacs end such) and copied all the relevant
informations in the Help into my .Xresources, reissued xrdb each time
but the menubar font refuses to change. It's really frustrating. I
fear there is some other resource somewhere which overrides my
settings in .Xresources.

If I only knew, what it is...


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