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Fonts (Mac OS X carbon port)

From: Tyler Eaves
Subject: Fonts (Mac OS X carbon port)
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 13:31:52 -0400

How do I go about setting the fonts in the Mac OS X port?

I've done some search, and found a few rather mysterious looking lisp
enchantations, but nothing that simply says "If you want font 'X' at
size 'Y' put the following in your .emacs, or anything like that. I'll
freely admit to having essentially no knowledge of Lisp or Emacs
internals, and thus I'm rather at a loss of where to begin. As far as
what I desire, I'm not super picky about the font at this point, but
whatever it is, I need it BIGGER, as on my 12" iBook the default is
pretty tiny, and quite tough to read in a classroom situation with
glare, odd angles, etc.


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