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Lisp hints with VM, BBDB and Personality Crisis

From: spam
Subject: Lisp hints with VM, BBDB and Personality Crisis
Date: 15 Sep 2003 00:16:02 +0200
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I have been playing around with the Personality Crisis package for
VM. I have written the following code which basically is a test to see
if the recipient of the e-mail is a friend. It goes in the bbdb record
for the e-mail handle and sees if there is a string like "efriend" in
the note field.

I am not an expert in elisp and I was wondering if there is a way to
shorten the code? Especially, in checking nil variables, I tend to do
a lot of (unless (eq thingy nil). Any other comments are appreciated.

(defun my-check-efriend()
  "Fetch the 'to' address from the e-mail. Look up in bbdb for the given
address. Look in the note field and check for the string
'efriend'. Returns t when that's the case"
  (let ((header (vmpc-get-current-header-contents "to")))
        (unless (eq header nil)
          (when (string-match "<\\(.*\\)>" header)
                (let* ((email (match-string 1 header))
                           (record (bbdb-search-simple "" email)))
                  (unless (eq record nil)
                        (let ((note (bbdb-record-notes record)))
                          (unless (eq note nil)
                                (when (string-match "efriend" note) t)))))))))

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