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Re: Help - can't associate files on Windows XP?

From: Bjoern
Subject: Re: Help - can't associate files on Windows XP?
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 01:12:18 +0200
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Uwe Siart wrote:

Bjoern wrote:

I'm using emacs 21.3 for Win32, but ever since I upgraded to 21.3 (I think, although I am not too sure about the exact timing), I have been unable to associate files with emacs. The 'open with' dialog doesn't accept runemacs as input.

Well, I don't know why your OS does not accept any arbitrary program as application for 'open'. I'm rinning W2k and I don't face problems of this kind at all. But anyway, to associate files with Emacs, you should

It used to work for me before, too. I'm not sure why it doesn't anymore.

consider using gnuserv and consequently better associate files to gnuclient. runemacs will start a new emacs process anytime you call it while gnuclient picks the file, loading it in a new buffer of an already running emacs. Much more convenient and 'emacs-like'.

I'll try that again too (along with learning more about how the registry works). I guess it would still be possible to start a second standalone emacs by just calling runemacs directly?


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