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tempo in JDE: completion with <spc>

From: FRC
Subject: tempo in JDE: completion with <spc>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:41:44 +0200


I use NTEmacs and JDE mode w/ ECB to write Java code and I like them much,
although it did take some time to configure everything to my taste.
One (minor) thing I'd like to change is the way the 'for', 'if' etc...
abbrevs expansion deal with the last inserted char (the one that triggered
the expansion).
My understanding is that JDE tempo template functions are put in the
function cell of the entries in the abbrev table - these functions are
called when the abbrev is expanded. As far as I'm concerned, I always expand
the abbrevs by hitting <space> just after the abbrev. This is usually fine,
except for these tempo-based expansions, which more often than not define
some tempo-mark in the middle of the expansion (eg. to define the loop
variables in the 'for' statement etc...). In these cases, the <space> char
is inserted after the expansion, right where the expansion left the point;
but I always delete that space, b/c I don't want it and if I did I would put
it in the tempo template in the 1st place. For example, the 'if' expansion
sets the point just after the opening paranthesis, but then the <space>
self-inserts itself there, although I'll never want a space here. I
appreciate that this insertion is perfectly consistent, but how can I get
rid of it *only* for the tempo-based expansions (I don't want to discard the
space when I expand 'public' or 'interface' for instance) ?
I tried to bind some tempo-space function of my own to <space>, but this
func doesn't know if I want to keep the space or not (ie. if the abbrev has
been expanded with tempo). I could use brute-force and list all the
tempo-based abbrevs and checks if current abbrev matches one of them, but
there must be a better way.
My guess is that I need a mean to cancel the <space> char insertion from
within the tempo template, but I didn't manage to do so (looked at
discard-input and another unread-xxx function).
How can I sort this out (apart from hitting C-x ' instead of <space>) ?


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