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[PCL-CVS] Interactive diff on a utf-8 encoded file

From: Jérôme Haguet
Subject: [PCL-CVS] Interactive diff on a utf-8 encoded file
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:37:06 +0200

I have
- GNU Emacs 21.3 on Windows
- a CVS checkout in which most of the files are encoded in ISO-8859-1 and
some others in UTF-8.

All the utf-8 encoded files have the .utf extension
I have added in my .emacs the following line :
(add-to-list 'file-coding-system-alist (list "\\.utf" 'utf-8))
prefer-coding-system is set to 'iso-latin-1

Everything works fine when I open a file (Emacs set the right coding system)

My problem is when I run interactive diff from PCL-CVS (d e)
Emacs always set the coding system of the BASE version of the .utf files to

Any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you in advance.


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