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1)Vm and bbdb. 2)Font lock in many frames.

From: Saurabh Kapoor
Subject: 1)Vm and bbdb. 2)Font lock in many frames.
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:00:20 +0530

I use VM as my mail client under emacs and use bbdb integration with
it. I've got the following lines in my .vm which setup bbdb for vm.

(bbdb-initialize 'vm)

Now, when i check email, for every message that I'm viewing and for
which there is an entry in the address book, a little bbdb window is
created which tells me the details of the contact. This takes up quite
some space on my screen. Is there a way to configure things such that
the window is created only if i want to? 

The second problem that I face is that when I use multiple frames, in
certain buffers, font lock stops working. Only very few keywords and
comment regions get fontified. Can this be fixed?



"...BACKWARDS understood be only can but,
    forwards lived be must Life"
                              -- Kierkegaard Soren

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