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find-grep-dired on nt emacs

From: Leo
Subject: find-grep-dired on nt emacs
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 16:24:21 +1000

hi there

i tried find-grep-dired, but i get an errror in the *Find* buffer:

        c:/Program Files/Borland/:
        find . \( -type f -exec grep -q TWebBrowser {} \;  \) -exec ls -ld
{} ;
        find: missing argument to `-exec'

i'm running nt emacs with cygwin and have set my shell-file-name and
explicit-shell-file-name to "bash".

in an interactive shell buffer it works when i quote the last semicolon. so
the correct command is:

        find . \( -type f -exec grep -q TWebBrowser {} \;  \) -exec ls -ld
{} \;

how can i tell find-grep-dired to provide the last backslash???

thanks, leo

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