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signal-USR1-hook woes

From: Bauke Jan Douma
Subject: signal-USR1-hook woes
Date: 08 Sep 2003 01:20:28 GMT


I am trying to get a list of currently open files in emacs, by
sending it SIGUSR1 (signo=10).  I have the following defines:

(defvar emacs-open-files "/root/emacs/.emacs-open-files" "List of files 
currently open in Emacs")

(defun list-emacs-open-files ()
        (message "list-emacs-open-files: done")
        (let    (
                 (buf_list (buffer-list))

                (with-temp-file emacs-open-files
                        (while buf_list                                         
                                (cond   (
                                         (buffer-file-name (car buf_list))
                                         (insert (buffer-file-name (car 
                                         (insert "\n")
                                (setq buf_list (cdr buf_list))

(add-hook `signal-USR1-hook `list-emacs-open-files nil nil)

Alas, it doesn't work.  It does work from within emacs by
calling M-x list-emacs-open-files or by eval'ing
(signal-process (emacs-pid) 10).
When doing kill -USR1 <emacs-pid>, all that happens is I get a
visual bell, the file is not written.
An strace reveals that the signal is sent allright.

I am doing something wrong, but what?


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