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Re: preview-latex: preview normal text?

From: Joerg Schuster
Subject: Re: preview-latex: preview normal text?
Date: 05 Sep 2003 17:14:07 +0200
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:
> \PreviewMacro[{*[]{}}]\chapter

Thanks, that works.

> Take a look at l2tabu.pdf on CTAN.

Thanks for telling me.
> Take a look at a current calendar.  Write down the year we are having
> now.  Subtract 7 from it.  Think hard.

I did not expect you to be so precise, as you used the word "about".
Besides, the year 2003 is not over yet, to be precise. 

Actually, I just wanted to express with the remark in question my
being annoyed at the fact that so many parts of so many languages 
are becoming obsolete all the time. I didn't mean to criticize what
you said. It was a *rhetorical remark*, so to say. (You know
*rhetorical questions*, don't you?)

> Think hard.  What would I have to do when presented with such an
> example?  

O.k, o.k. I was fumbling around with preview-latex all day long (not
doing what I am supposed to do.) You asked me to give you more


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